Welcome to Skipping Stones for sale, your premier destination for high-quality skipping stones! Dive into our vast collection of smooth, hand-selected stones perfect for skipping across serene waters. Whether you're a seasoned stone skipper or a beginner looking to make a splash, our diverse range of shapes, sizes, and colors ensures there's a perfect stone for every skill level and preference. Elevate your outdoor adventures with our durable and precisely crafted skipping stones, designed to provide endless hours of entertainment and relaxation by the water's edge. Shop now and embark on your next skipping adventure!


  • Old Fashioned Fun

    “These stones provided the most fun afternoon with my grandkids. It was the kind of old fashioned fun we used to have as kids.” – John S.

  • So Many Creative Uses

    "I purchased these stones to paint for my garden but I've used them to skip in water, as decoration in my home and even as part of a gift!” – Jane K.

  • Relaxation at its finest

    “Skipping stones at my local lake has always been such a relaxing experience for me. With these stones I don't have to spend time searching - I just go and enjoy the experience.” – Anne L.

Finding the Perfect Stone

Embark on the journey to find the ideal skipping stone, where each step along the riverbank is an adventure waiting to unfold. Our guide to selecting the perfect rock begins with an exploration of nature's bounty. From rugged shorelines to tranquil streams, nature offers a treasure trove of potential skipping stones, each with its own unique character. Seek out smooth, flat stones with a weighty feel, perfectly balanced to glide effortlessly across the water's surface. Whether you're drawn to the polished elegance of river rocks or the rugged charm of coastal stones, our expert tips will lead you to discover the ultimate skipping companion, ready to embark on countless aquatic adventures.

Skipping Stone Technique

Unlock the secrets to mastering the art of skipping stones, where precision meets finesse in a mesmerizing display of skill. Begin by cradling your chosen stone with your thumb and forefinger, ensuring a firm yet gentle grip. Position yourself at the water's edge, with a clear line of sight to your desired target. With a practiced flick of the wrist, release the stone at a low angle, imparting a subtle spin to coax it across the water's surface. As each skip sends ripples dancing in its wake, embrace the rhythm of the moment and let your inner skipper soar. With dedication and practice, you'll soon master the art of skipping stones, turning each throw into a graceful symphony of motion and grace.